Featured: Make Way for April!

As April is National Poetry Month in the United States and Canada, the Mibba Magazine is keen to train its spotlight on the slightly neglected poetry section of the site.

For this month, a new column will be starting up called Poem Types, where each article will focus on a different poem type that can be found here on Mibba. The aim of the column is to broaden user's knowledge on poems and encourage those who feel they don't know enough about poetry to have a go at this literary form. The Writing Focus column will also be using the theme of poetry in its articles for the month.

Articles falling outside of the poetry theme will still be published, with events such as International Guitar Day, World Health Day and National Child Abuse Prevention Month all falling in April.

For those interested in story reviews, there will still be reviews posted to the Magazine. Also be on the look out for the appearance of the Magazine's newest column, Writing With... where we will be speaking to users on Mibba about their stories and writing.

With the prospect of poetry on Mibba being expanded during this month, users are encouraged to check out the poetry section of site for something to read. Some might even find the inspiration to dabble in poetry themselves! Who knows?

Special thanks to Fandango and sheepcat; for editing.

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