Featured Suggestion: Points

Long before our site redesign, Mibba ceased to display post counts in lieu of something that better represents user activity on all of Mibba. Several years ago, Audrey T proposed the idea that Mibba should use a point system, and the idea was later implemented.

Currently, all users receive a default 100 points for joining Mibba, 50 points for every article they submit, and 5 points for every book submitted. Your points are displayed numerically by your username, and on your profile as medals. Our point system is still operating on a small scale, but Dujo plans to expand points site wide. The following are popular user suggestions regarding how the point system should be further developed!


The most prominent user suggestion is simple: give point rewards for more things! Users would like to receive points for the following things:

  • Stories
  • Blogs
  • Poems
  • Forum Posts/Comments
  • “Mibbaversary” Points

How to assign a point value to stories is a point of continuing discussion. One popular idea was to base the number of points received on story's word count (for example, 10 points per 1000 words). Other users suggested points should be based off of the number of chapters in the story. It was also suggested that users should receive a certain point reward for completing a story as well.

As a lighter side to the points system, kea.angel suggested that users could receive a small amount of points for their Mibba anniversary, as a cyber birthday present from the site.

User Point Exchange

Mibba's administration confirms that users will be able to “gift” each other points. Expanding on this idea, users suggested it would be beneficial to have a system where users could swap points for story reviews and critiques. In this system, story editors would have the ability to moderate point exchanges and guarantee quality reviews. Some users stated they would also like a section to keep track of who they give points to, and who they receive points from.


In addition to earning points simply for the sake of having points, users suggested that points could be used to “buy” certain things on Mibba, such as a custom rank or a story advertisement on a special page. The Rumor suggested points could be used to purchase extra characters for a signature.

Join the Discussion!

The suggestions featured in this article are part of an ongoing discussion, and all users are encouraged to share their ideas in the Points Suggestion Thread. You can also share your thoughts by voting in this poll. Poll results will be announced in the next featured suggestion article!

In the last installment of the featured suggestion column, we asked users to vote on suggestions regarding the contest section, and the results are in!

  • 76% of voters support points being used as a contestant prize in contests
  • 61% of voters would like hosts to be penalized for incomplete contests
  • 53% of voters would like points to be used as a reward for hosts who complete contest
  • 23% of voters would not like points to be used in contests in any way.

Users could select multiple options, which is why the numbers do not add to an even 100%.

*Please note that all suggestions mentioned in this article are the product of user brainstorming, and have not been approved or implemented by Mibba’s administration unless stated otherwise.

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