Featured: How to be Organized

Is it time for things in your life to get organized, whether it is for home, work, school, or normal everyday activities? Disorganization at times may be frustrating, as the clutter in your life does not seem to fit anywhere. By the time you are finished with this article, clarifying your priorities, knowing your objectives, and how you want your belongings and lifestyle arranged will finally make sense. These are several things you could do to help eliminate the clutter.

Organize Your Space

"Space" could simply mean your car, bedroom or your work environment. It is much easier when you want something and can find it easily, right? Tidying up your personal space, even if it is for work or school, could be a lifesaver. This is very important because you will be able locate things more quickly and it will leave room for adding or removing things later on down the road. A clean and neat work or personal area will lead people to think you are a clean and neat individual. Everyone is different when it comes to organizing, but if you are a reader and the main thing that gets messy is your bookshelf, it would not hurt to organize your books by author or genre.
Everyone has those little tendencies where they want to keep something that is of value to them; however, not everyone intends to become a hoarder. If there are things that take up space without use, you must de-clutter to make space for them. By de-cluttering regularly, you make space for what you have, and avoid buying things you already own. Asking yourself questions about what you are throwing away, such as “would I ever use this again?” or “how important is this in my life?” will help that process run smoothly.
The whole point of this is to feel good and comfortable, and knowing what organized looks and feels like only makes sense, because every item in your home or work life has a location. An organized space also feels calm, open and welcoming.

Use a Calendar, Planner or Smartphone

As previously stated, everyone is very different about what "organized" means to them. Getting a calendar is great for some people. A calendar is one of the most organized tools on the market. There are millions of places to keep a calendar, but make sure it is in a place you would check regularly. Calendars are wonderful because everything you need to know that you personally write down is right in front of you. This helps with planning and scheduling, so that something like an event is not missed or that something is not scheduled on the same day. Calendars will hopefully remind you to be on time, and that is another factor of planning carefully.
The most convenient or easily accessible type of calendar is a day planner. Planners are highly useful for days where you would have many events scheduled and you are on the go, where a wall calendar would not be as useful here. Planners are normally used by students to keep track of classes or appointments. Wall calendars are fantastic, but it is much easier to carry a planner with you to consult frequently. They are hands-on, and you cannot do that with a calendar. You can also usually fit more information in a hand held planner, too.
Smartphones are another option with keeping things structured in busy lives. If it is not a calendar or planner, it is a phone that someone personally has on them twenty-four hours, seven days a week. People are constantly looking up something through their phones, so this would be stunning. Everything you needs is in the palms of your hands, literally. It is great because smartphones automatically remind you of events; it is a personal assistant at your fingertips because everything is so searchable and always with you, everywhere you go.

Keep to the Schedule

Nobody is perfect, but keeping to the plan would make your life easier. Become best friends with the “to-do list”! If you like jotting down things, or you are a spur-of-the-moment type of person, then this would work! Making lists of things helps - make one for the day, week, month, or even your life. The important goal for this: do not bite off more than you can chew.
A white board with erasable markers is a great tool to keep track of all one has to do every day, or long-term goals. Once the list has been made, please follow through. There would be no point in getting arthritis from writing so much! So, you are going to have to discipline yourself to complete the tasks you have assigned yourself. There are many ways to stick to your to-do list. Stop procrastinating!

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