Introducing Mibba Staff: kakapo.angel!

Nicole, one of Mibba's three article editors, is a fun and enjoyable girl who had some amazing answers! I had a great time interviewing her.

What is Mibba about to you?

A lot of things. Mainly writing, of course. But also other things, like meeting new people, or learning new things from the articles, or chatting about your favourite band in the forums. It’s just a really fun place to be!

How do you balance real life and what you have to do on here?

To be honest, I have no idea… It’s pretty hectic at times for me because I’m at university and that requires a lot of work, but it is possible! I guess I just prioritise and put study before Mibba, but there’s still a lot of time for Mibba.

Who do you find an inspiration – in real life or Mibba?

I don’t want to sound cheesy, but if I’m being completely honest… my Mum. She’s just a great person to look up to and she always helps to motivate me.

How do you imagine other users on here to be like?

Well there’s obviously a huge range of people on here, but in general, just nice people. It seems to be really easy to get along with one another, and it’s great.

Where do you envision yourself in a few years’ time?

Finished my degree and moved away somewhere else. Hopefully with a good job, too.

How is it like in your country/world/immediate surroundings?

This is something I talk about quite often on Mibba… It’s pretty cool here, down under in New Zealand. It’s quiet, green, and has a lot of awesome and beautiful places that I love to travel to.

If you could be any other position on the staff, which would you choose and why?

I think it would be a Story Editor. I was considering applying for that position, but then decided against it. I’ve wanted to be on the staff doing that for probably a year or so now, and I’m sure it’s a great way to find new stories to read, since they’re always browsing that section.

Why did you choose the staff position you're in?

Basically because I felt like I contributed most to the article section, and have done so for a while, so it just seemed appropriate. That and Average Lifesaver convinced me it was the right choice.

What is your biggest success in your life so far and how did you achieve it, as well as how it impacted you and your life?

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint one specific thing, but I’d probably have to say getting into university. It’s obviously a big step in someone’s life and I worked hard to get here, so it’s a pretty big deal. It’s changed my life quite a lot as well.

If money wasn't an object, what would you do?

Be really lazy! I’d just do whatever I wanted whenever I felt like it, which would probably include a lot of writing…

The best thing you've posted on Mibba?

I’d have to say it’s Vivid Emerald. It was my first original fiction and first drabble, and I’m just so proud of how it turned out.

Your favourite story on Mibba?

I currently don’t have one. I used to have a few, but they’re all finished now or have been ditched halfway through… I’m always keen for new stories to follow, so if you know an amazing one, let me know!

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