Mibbian of the Week: park chanyeol

Park chanyeol is the lovely president of Mibba's brand new K-Pop Fandom Club. She is extremely active in the club, as well as other parts of Mibba. In this week's article, we learn all about park chanyeol!

When did you join Mibba and how did you find the site?

I think I joined Mibba around 2009. I found the site thanks to my best friend Sydney. I used to post my things on Quizilla much like a lot of other users here and one day, Sydney told me there was a site that was way better and here I am today!

What is your favorite thing about Mibba?

Honestly, I love everything about Mibba, but my favorite thing is probably the fact that it's pretty easy to navigate around. It's not a complicated website which I love.

What is your least favorite thing about Mibba?

The only thing I really dislike is when some fandoms have their little "fandom wars". Everyone just needs to accept that not everyone is gonna like what you like. Once you do that you can all be friends and love each other regardless of your fandom!

You are the club president of the K-Pop Fandom Club; what's that like?

It's actually really fun. I'm happy there's a place for all of us K-Pop fans to flock and yell at each other over the computer about the Asian men (and women) we are in love with and the music they make. Being president was something I was a little nervous about at first, just because I have never been the president of like, anything. I am a lot more comfortable with it now and like I said, it's quite fun.

What's your favorite thing about the club?

My favorite thing would have to be when me or someone else posts something about a group that other members may not have heard of or listened to, and then they go and look up the group and fall in love with them. I just really love when people expand their music tastes and find things that make them happy that they may not have known about before.

What do you have to say to anyone who is thinking about joining?

I just want to say to anyone who wants to join the K-Pop club please don't hesitate to do so! We are all a bunch of crazy, slightly perverted but hilarious and super nice people. If you want a place to flail over your favorite K-Pop group with other fans, come right on over and do so, please! :D

Special thanks to Fandango. tabula rasa. and Airi. for editing!

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