Fandom Spotlight: K-Pop

K-Pop is a fandom dedicated to all the amazing bands of Korea, including but not limited to SHINee, EXO, and U-KISS. With so many different bands for the fandom to appreciate, there is sure to be something in the fandom that everyone can enjoy.

On Mibba

Mibba has its very own K-Pop Fandom Club, which everyone is invited to join. The club is a fun way for Mibbians to meet other people who are interested in K-Pop, find great stories written about their favorite bands, and learn more about the fandom.

Anyone who is looking for fun, new ways to get involved in the fandom can check out the role-playing thread to start up a role-play dedicated to K-Pop or the find a co-author thread to get together with other fans and write a group story about anyone of the bands.

Story Recs

Wretches & Kings is an alternate universe fan fiction featuring the K-Pop band BIGBANG. The year is 2078 and the world is a centre of mass destruction after several wars. A young, innocent girl is taking into slavery, like many others like her. She has little hope for a real future, but one group of boys could change that.

Black Pearl is a wonderful story that is best explained by its tagline, "Every city has a secret." This K-Pop fan fiction features Kris, Thunder, and many other wonderful K-Pop men. It is the perfect story for those who are just being introduced to the fandom.

Unholy Matrimony is a slash story featuring Baekhyun and Chanyeol of Baekyeol and EXO. In this story, the two boys try to just be friends, but they find that with each passing day this task becomes more difficult.

Whether you're just being introduced to the fandom or are already speaking the language, Mibba is sure to have something that will interest you!

Special thanks to Fandango and aubs for editing!

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