Mibbian of the Week: captain solo.

With seven years of site activity under her belt, it’s safe to say that Carissa (known to Mibbians as captain solo.) is a seasoned veteran in the world of Mibba. For this week’s edition of Mibbian of the Week, she’s here to tell us a bit about herself!

How long have you been on Mibba?

About seven years, I think.

How often do you log on? How long would you say you spend on the site when you do log on?

I log on pretty much every day now. How long I spend on the site differs depending on what I'm doing but probably usually around half an hour at a time.

Which part of the site are you most active in?

Reading the blogs and writing stories.

Seven years is quite a while to be on Mibba! How has what you do on the site (what you're writing, where you spend your time, etc.) changed in that time?

I certainly think my writing has improved since I was an angsty high schooler haha. I also used to spend most of my time writing in the "journals" section (back before we had blogs) and now I focus more energy on making story layouts and writing actual stories.

How often do you read stories and poems? How often do you comment or recommend the things you read?

I should read more of the poems because I almost never read any. I read stories every time I see one updated or recommended that catches my interest. I write more than I read though, if I'm being honest. I recommend tons of things but I'm awful about being a silent reader. It's very rarely that I actually leave comments on anything.

What draws you to the that things you read?

If it's original fiction, has a compelling summary and is just kind of different from what I usually see on the site. If it's fantasy or science fiction I'm definitely going to be intrigued because that's my jam.

You said you're drawn to science fiction and a lot of your stories would be classified as sci-fi. What sparked your interest in that genre?

I in part picked it up from my dad because he's always been really into sci-fi/fantasy novels. But I also just love reading about aliens and distant planets and fictional technology. I also grew up watching Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek: The Next Generation and I guess it sparked a fascination with space travel.

Tell us about a few of your favourite stories/works by other Mibbians.

There are so many great authors and stories on here it's crazy. But some of my forever faves would have to include The Case of T.P. Wallace by dawn of light, Sunflower by swell, Aphrodite by losing control., Somewhere Beyond the Sea by bellamy blake, The Life and Times of Roman Maslov by decay and Bambi by kaz brekker.

Are you working on anything on Mibba right now?

I'm working on way more stories than I should be haha. I can't even keep up with them all and I'm the one writing them. I won't attempt to list them all or we'll be here all day, but the ones I'm most proud of/excited for are Dark of the Moon, Spare Parts, Star Crossed, Wolfish, and Deadly Web; which I'm doing for the Genre Challenge.

What has been your favourite “Mibba experience” (something that has happened to you on the site)?

Getting so many recommendations and positive feedback on so many of my stories! I never expected to end up with all these awesome readers.

Anything you want to say to your fellow Mibbians?

Stay fabulous, you.

You can also find Carissa on Instagram and Goodreads.

Special thanks to cleopatra. and lily hughes. for editing!

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