Mibbascopes: October 2016

October can be a dangerous and scary time for everyone. Here's a little horoscopic help from Mibba to keep you safe.

War - 15,000
Salt. Everday. Rastling
Even in the End - May | The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton
Aquarius, beware of the faeries! This October, do not follow, trust, or befriend anything that glitters or glows. The seelie courtiers are unwilling to give up their time and will capture anyone they see as a threat.

Teen - 3,000
Flower. Facade. Amplitude.
Derailed - My Best Friend | Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

For most, the sea can be a treacherous place, but this month, only benevolent creatures will greet the Pisces. It's the perfect time for you to take a voyage across the ocean or river. Try that midnight Hallow's Eve cruise or a camping trip near a local lake. You're sure to find simple amusement or even love.

Biography - 5,000
Desolate. Pagan. Steel.
Mistakes - Reflective | Heir to the Sky by Amanda Sun

A small disturbance is sure to cause great discontent in your world this month, sweet Aries. Remember to let your head (not your heart) guide you with any problems that may arise. A certain scaly visitor may crop up around the middle of the month, but stay calm and this too shall pass.

Mystery - 10,000
Evacuate. Insanity. Blindly.
Ascendio - Wrong | The Everything Box by Richard Kadrey

How do you feel about funerals, Taurus? No! This is not a threat, just a simple question. Don't be so touchy. Seriously, don't. be. so. touchy. A lot of communicable diseases are floating around this season and you will be ultra-sensitive to them this month – especially diseases transmitted by the dead! So, just saying, you may want to stay away from graveyards, you know, and funerals in general.

Crime - 9,000
Bash. Decadence. Hoofs.
Tennessee Rose - Petty Nations | Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

Consider this, Gemini: every kingdom needs a ruler. Why not you? A leader is needed who can take on dual roles and that's just the place where Geminis excel. Keep your eyes sharp for key power struggles and an opening you can fit into. We're in the midst of change and in the chaos of its wake, be sure to seize your moment!

Adventure - 2,000
Taste. Cinnamon. Friendless.
All the Wrong Choices - Listen | The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Mid-month brings the Full Hunter's Moon and, unfortunately for Cancers, that means cannibalism. “Eat or be eaten,” they say, and sadly you are not on the 'eat' side of things. Fight or flight, you ask? Definitely 'flight'.

Comedy - 1,000
Blaze. Feather. Hogwash.
All This Time - Slaying the Beast Across the Path | The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore

Depending on how you feel about animals, this month may be great or horrible. The impending full moon brings about such big changes for you. Furry changes. Paw-like changes. Painful re-arrangement of your DNA kind of changes. Prepare to lose any relationship you may have developed with a Cancer this month. In fact, prepare to lose that Cancer, period.

Sci-fi - 20,000
Southern. Massacre. Sticky.
Love and War - Mute Despair | Don't Get Caught by Kurt Dinan

Don't light any black candles. Stay away from any ritual sacrifices. Be very wary of any 'out-of-the-blue' invitations you may receive for social engagements from people you don't usually call 'friend'. Stay safe, virtuous Virgo. Stay safe.

Horror - 4,000
Locust. Hatch. Agreeable.
Inexperienced - Were I to Tell You | The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

There's a union in your future, Libra. Congrats! Either a wedding at the chapel or a merging of wicked souls in the graveyard, you're sure to be in attendance. Whether you're finally committing to your sweetie or being dragged to into the underworld, try not commit any social faux pas. Remember: the ring goes on the finger and the crown goes directly onto the skull.

Autobiography - 8,000
Chameleon. Aggression. Drum.
Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Black Holes | Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

Blood will awaken the dormant disciples, so please be careful who you sting. I implore you. The wrong drop from the wrong person and we are looking at an apocalypse here. So, please, just tuck your tails someplace safe this month and quell your temper. We don't need this right now. The world is screwed enough as it is, Scorpio! Just take it easy, okay!

Thriller - 7,000
Gushing. Disturbance. Poor.
Headfirst Into the Abyss - Inside Yourself | The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Fountains can be thirst-quenching, youth-bringing, and wish-granting. But also, they can be great places for drownings. Those sirens sure ain't going to drown themselves and they really have been a bit of a pestilence you know, just saying. Remember to use the depth of the fountains to your advantage. Sirens don't swim well in shallow waters, so once you get them in there, just throw your weight into it and that'll pretty much do the trick.

Drama - 6,000
Bare. Flaming. Alienate.
Anti Blue Skies - Heartache Springs | The Eagle Tree by Ned Hayes

Gemini is looking to make a play for power. Don't let them. They think your guard is down. It's not. Be prepared to bare your fangs and take what's yours through blood and flesh. The Capricorns are born and bred in chaos. Show those double-sided drachma who’s boss!

Special thanks to losing control. and exploding boy. for editing.

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