Pinky Promise

Title: Pinky Promise
Author: imstolen
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rating: PG-13

Being in high school is confusing. What clothes should I wear? What table should I eat lunch at? What music should I listen to and brag about? Being a teenager means facing those hard life decisions. What’s worse is that sometimes the people we think we like or the things we think we are interested in change in an instant. Pinky Promise captures that confusion, that change, and creates an atmosphere that anyone in or out of high school can instantly recognize. Alex has a typical life: a boyfriend, a close-knit group of friends, and a school schedule that contains classes she hates and classes she likes. But when her boyfriend, Javier, puts Alex’s wants and feelings on the backburner, things begin to go awry. Insert Jhony: the mysterious, quiet and gorgeous new boy in school. Now Alex is stuck between who she thought she loved and who she may be falling for. Feelings may change and boyfriends may change but one thing will always be a constant: high school drama never ends.

imstolen creates this perfect world filled with imperfections, just like life. Her views on the dramas and inconveniences in high school are so spot on that it is easy to see one’s self and friends as these characters. Alex is a relatable character with quirks, doubts, fantasies and worries just like every girl in high school has or had. The transitions from school life to home life and back again are seamless; these characters fit every environment they are placed in and adapt to them much like anyone else would in real life. imstolen has taken a strong female lead and given her the perfect stage to perform on.

Pinky Promise is unlike any teen drama I have read before and one that is just as enjoyable the first time around as it as the second and third. You will not regret giving this story a chance.

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