The Capitol's Tribute

Title: The Capitol's Tribute
Author: RealTalkProject
Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Teen
Rating: PG-13

I hated Peeta Mellark. My life would have been so much simpler without him. I could be with Gale by now. Maybe, but most likely not. I liked to think that, to have a reason to hate Peeta besides what happened months ago. I should be over it by now, but I wasn’t. Because I was pathetic, because I was weak. Peeta was the opposite of me, like Katniss. And that’s why I wasn’t going to win and that’s why Peeta did.

In the futuristic society of Panem, anyone can fall victim to the terrible wrath of the Hunger Games; Rixa Hart is proof of that. Despite being half-way to becoming a posh citizen of the Capitol, Rixa is selected to compete in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. Much to the dismay of the Capitol’s citizens and her many fans, she is thrown into the arena alongside her older brother, Brant. The two District 12 tributes must attempt to survive, and even though only one of them can be the winner, they are determined to live.

Get ready to be thrown into the arena alongside Rixa, as you follow her journey for survival.

The Capitol’s Tribute is a unique The Hunger Games fanfiction. RealTalkProject’s story is set in an alternate universe, in which Peeta and Katniss were the winners of the 73rd Annual Hunger Games, and are now serving their duties as mentors. Despite being set in this alternate universe, most of the story holds true to the different characteristics that The Hunger Games is known for, including the annual reaping, the training days, and the gruesome arena.

Throughout this story, Rixa’s unique personality is shown through the situations she deals with. RealTalkProject is able to use the story’s other characters to bring out different emotions in Rixa, which helps the reader get a better feel for her personality. Even early on in the story, it is easy to see how the District 12 tribute differs from others.

One of the best things about The Capitol’s Tribute is its solid plot. The entire story moves along in a timely fashion, with a flow that you would expect from a professional. The different twists and turns of this story make it hard not to get hooked. Readers can expect to see many fights and compelling struggles from each of the characters. That paired with the quick pace and strong action make it hard not to get wrapped into Rixa's journey.

Even though the story is a fanfiction, it holds up on its own. Readers don’t need to be familiar with The Hunger Games fandom to be interested in this story, making it a great read for everyone. RealTalkProject does a great job of describing everything in a way that anyone could grasp the theme and setting of the story.

I highly recommend The Capitol's Tribute to anyone looking to read a good story that has a strong air of adventure.

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