Winter Wakes

Title: Winter Wakes
Author: LettersToNormandy
Type: Original-fiction
Genre: Horror|Mystery|Teen
Rating: R

Maggie Walton's father owns a funeral home. Their most recent client may be more than she bargained for.

I mean, how much harm could a dead guy cause?

This story is about Maggie Walton, and a series of events which changed her life.

One day, her father tells her that she has to go to the funeral home he owns for a visitation for a boy who died. She soon discovers though, that the boy is still there, and able to talk to her. She is the only one who can see him though, and he starts to become a huge fixture in her life.

Simon Dreyton is believed to have committed suicide after drinking too much, but he believes that he was murdered. Through his own...personal type of persuasion, Maggie helps him search for clues as to who wants him dead. Even though he is rude to her, slowly throughout the entire story, Maggie finds herself beginning to actually care for the ghost whose mysterious life and, ironically, death, have led for her life to be flipped upside down.

As things start to clear, and she comes ever closer to discovering Simon's murder tough, it is soon discovered by them both that even love isn't enough despite the happy endings you always hear about.

This story keeps you in the dark until the last moment; you will never suspect who Simon's murderer is. There is death, romance, mystery, and even comedy, a perfect mixture of emotions and effects for a story. It is well written, with decent sized chapters and a great writing style in which the reader can relate very well to the characters and actually feel their emotions. This is a finished story, with a sequel in the makes, which I would recommend to readers of all preferences. The characters are realistic and easily relatable to, and as previously stated, the writing style is also very good.

This is the first story on mibba I have found completed and completely fallen in love with; I recommend it to all.

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