MM Reviews: Pretty Little Snowflake

Type: Fan fiction
Genre: Romance | Drama | Teen
Rating: R

Pretty Little Snowflake originally appeared on Mibba under the title of Paper Snowflake and in the perspective of Mila Rush, a teenage girl who is cousins to both Mikey and Gerard Way. This version is in the perspective of Frank Iero, Mila's best friend and later band mate of Mikey and Gerard.

Through Frank, we learn about how he's in love with Mila but is with another girl called Evelyn because he doesn't think that Mila has any feelings for him. A few chapters in, they have a fallout which leads up to the introduction of a character called Matt Webber, who turns out to be a major character within the story.

Although this seems like it'll be a conventional best friends in love story, it proves to be much more than that with the direction it turns down shortly into the story. Pretty Little Snowflake ends up being a healing story, with emotion that is raw and a situation that is far too realistic to for the reader not to be affected by. Indigo Umbrella writes amazingly, and with the sheer emotion that one feels just through reading the thoughts and actions of Frank, they can sympathise and feel the emotion of the characters themselves.

Standing at a final chapter count of one hundred and two, Pretty Little Snowflake is a tremendous read but is worth every minute spent reading. Sometimes the ending seems like it'll be happy and other times it seems like it'll be really sad, but the journey we take with the character is the most important part of it all. We're allowed to grow with Frank as a character as he deals with everything that happens within the story. Pretty Little Snowflake is a good example of a story that shows the coping side of someone who is close to the victim and makes it as heart-wrenching as it would be witnessing the victim themselves coping.

Special thanks to tabula rasa. and everybody dies; for editing.

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