MM Reviews: Catch Me

Title: Catch Me
Author: Yumho.
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Action | Crime
Rating: R

When it comes to fan fiction, some people refuse to stray from their own fandom, as it's often all they know. It's often debated whether or not fan fiction is too difficult to understand unless you're apart of the specific fandom and are familiar with the character. However, coming across Catch Me, a story that is part of the K-Pop fandom, I found myself drawn to the characters and plot, able to recognise the characters for what they were: simply characters. While the names were alien to me, and there was no doubt a vague sense that the writer assumes the readers are familiar with the content, I felt myself able to follow Jin Ae through the eleven chapters that currently make up the story.

The interactions of Jin Ae and her work partner, Changmin, are some aspects that make the story what it is – they have chemistry that can be felt right off the screen. One feature that is common in both the character's lives but seems more prominent in Jin Ae's life, is the character UKnow.

UKnow is first introduced in the beginning of the first chapter as a criminal Jin Ae is pursuing. He reappears throughout the subsequent chapters, seemingly tormenting Jin Ae as she deals with her partner, her best friend, Junsu, and the frequent thoughts of the family she never sees. Although she seems to be bitter, cold and undeniably mean, there's something relatable about Jin Ae that draws the reader in.

Yumho. writes terrifically, her descriptions vivid and immaculate characterisation. Catch Me is truly a story that I enjoyed tremendously and would recommend to anyone, even those outside the K-Pop fandom.

Special thanks to Fandango and tui.angel for editing.

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