MM Reviews: Paranoid

Title: Paranoid
Author: Mrs. Grinch
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Mystery | Horror | Teen
Rating: R

For Shelley, life is simple. She wakes up each morning and goes to school. She gets decent grades and hangs out with her friends. She has a normal life and there is nothing about it that she would change. But one day, that normal life is ripped right out from under her.

It all started with a phone call and that one phone call changed everything. No words were exchanged. There was only the deep breathing on the other end of the line.

When Shelley got that phone call, she expected to be connected with the voice of her best friend, Carly, but she was met with something far more sinister. That call was the last one made from Carly’s phone, but the question is: Was it made by Carly herself or by the man who has taken her?

Paranoid tells Shelley’s story as she attempts to make sense of the gruesome murders happening in her town. The man has killed many women, and it is likely that Carly will be his next victim. Despite the fact that there was no blood or mangled body parts, Shelley knows that this man is the one who has taken her best friend.

Paranoid is sure to take you on a wild ride filled with mystery, death, and horror. I highly recommend this excellent original fiction to anyone looking for a good scare.

Special thanks to Katie Mosing and Audrey T. for editing.

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