MM Reviews: The Fisherman's Daughter

Title: The Fisherman’s Daughter
Author: pyretta blaze.
Rating: PG-13
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance l Drama l Tragedy

It is very rare for people to say that the life and job of a fisherman is difficult. Most people find it something to not worry about when the task is to only look for fish. The gruelling journey of looking for fish in sea is as much daring as those men being sent in the army. Somehow, the only people who could ever grasp that concept are the people dear to those fishermen and that is none other but their families.

The Hansen family is like any other family; they have spent years of hard-work and labor into fishing. Arttu Hansen is the most respected and honored fisherman in the sea. The Sea Siren is the boat that he currently uses which was handed down to him by his father. Other than being a fisherman, he is also the father of three children, namely, Mathias, Emil and Thea.

Among them, Thea is the only daughter that discourages what the family does for a living. The thought of seeing her father set sail into the Bering Sea breaks her own heart knowing that he might not come back. Therefore she vowed never to fall in love with a boy who would end up like him, just like her mother marrying Arttu.

The Fisherman’s Daughter is a gripping and heart-breaking tale of a young girl trying to break free from the fate that awaits her. I was awestruck by pyretta blaze.’s choice of words to describe the life of a fisherman’s daughter. Each chapter is filled with deep and poetic lines that will truly capture your attention.

Don’t miss this out on this story, it is gorgeously written and I am sure readers would agree as well.

Thank you to Airi. and tui.angel for the edits!

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