MM Reviews: Woebegone

Title: Woebegone
Author: to infinity
Type: Original Fiction
Length: Chaptered
Rating: R

Edgy, sorrowful and overall compelling, Woebegone is the often unsung tale of a dysfunctional relationship, narrated by an unnamed girl as she copes with their dark, heartrending existence. She lives in an apartment described as cold and unwelcoming, with a boyfriend who is the definition of unpredictable. The couple fight more than anything else, screaming until they can no longer, falling into jealous rages and despair. More often than not the unnamed partner will storm out and not return for days on end.

When the two aren't fighting, they seek refuge in drugs, attempting to find brief, spontaneous moments of ecstasy in their sick, existential world.

To infinity has created a brilliant piece of work. Using a melancholy theme and utterly emotive situations, her words compel her audience to not only to feel the heartache of the lead character, but also to keep reading... and reading.

As powerful as it is intriguing, this story will hold your attention for its entire duration. Although told in very short glimpses of the somber lives of two infinitely doomed characters, Woebegone is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you're someone who enjoys the tragedy of the human condition, this story is for you. And if you do click into this story, I caution you; your heart is liable to ache long after the last words have disappeared from your memory.

A special thanks to everybody dies;, takahe.angel, and Fandango for editing.

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