Skin Deep

Title: Skin Deep
Author: takahe.angel
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Drama | Action
Rating: R

“So how ‘bout we stay together? Just until we stop going the same way, or the food runs out,” Daryl suggested in a surprisingly kind tone.

“You’re too soft, baby brother,” Merle grumbled disapprovingly. I frowned, unsure of what his problem was with me. I had good reason to be apprehensive about staying with them. Brawn alone gave them a huge advantage over me. But that was also what would benefit me if we came across a horde or violent scavengers.

When the popular television show, The Walking Dead, was created, Daryl Dixon quickly became everyone’s favorite character, though few people knew why. He was rude, mean, and downright nasty to most, but that was nothing compared to his brother, Merle, who was twice as bad as Daryl. Despite all that, the brothers quickly became two of the most talked about characters. Was it the cocky charm that Daryl seemed to have? Was it the rebel without a cause vibe that Merle gave off? The truth is that it is all those things and more.

Skin Deep is an incredible fan fiction that explores the character of Daryl and Merle Dixon, and gets down to the very core of who they are and what makes them a fan favorite.

In this story, Daryl and Merle come across a young woman, Jo, who is attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse alone. Daryl is quick to say that Jo should join the group that formerly consisted of only him and his brother, but Merle is far more apprehensive, as he believes that Jo will only get in the way of their survival. It takes some convincing from Daryl, but Merle reluctantly agrees to let her tag along.

Skin Deep is still currently in the works, but the chapters that the story does have will leave readers begging for more of the adventure and Dixon brothers. Fans of The Walking Dead have been warned – Skin Deep will have you hooked just as quickly as the show’s first episode.

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