Dark Side

Title: Dark Side
Author: skinny love.
Type: Fan-fiction
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Teen

It's no doubt that Mibba has definitely started to accumulate thousands of stories revolving around five certain boys who make up the popular band, One Direction. Their voices are pleasant and their personalities are beautiful. What's not to love? These stories are well written and captiviating to say the least, though I find skinny love.'s own Harry Styles fan-fiction, Dark Side, to be the most intriguing one I've read yet.

Lana Payne is like any other girl her age. She's chasing the ever changing image of "beauty", though in ways that are far from healthy as she chooses anorexia and bulimia to do so. While at university, an incident occurs, and her mother and brother, Liam, find out her darkest secret. Promising she would get better, Lana returns to school and her promise is one that is quickly broken.

When Liam's sister returns from school, she finds her home more lively than when she left it. Now Lana must keep her secret from not only Liam, but from the rest of One Direction as well while they live in their home during their holiday. As the story progresses, Harry and Lana grow to know one another, and soon Lana is wondering if Harry can love her and her dark side.

This fiction is undeniably hard to stop reading. I find skinny love.'s use of words to convey Lana's distressed emotions perfect, and the characterisation is very well done. Every chapter has been eye-catching and every scene has been realistic and detailed, they never let the readers down. With six chapters currently up, and more soon to come, Dark Side is sure to shock and amaze everyone who reads it.

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