Title: Catfish
Author: heyjude;;;
Type: Fan-Fiction
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: R

Catfish is an Avenged Sevenfold based fan-fiction which centres around the lead guitarist Synyster Gates. As a fan of the original show on MTV, I found this work of fiction to be very interesting and unique especially in the land of band fiction where it is very difficult not to be influenced by common clich├ęs and many overused plot lines such as Mary Sue characters or High School Alternative Universes. As heyjude;;;'s first story. it is not written that way with the description and unparalleled plot line.

In Catfish, Brian goes through a rough divorce and sets up an fake online dating account in order to hide his true identity from those who are only interested in his status and money. He meets Jordin, a self-conscious young girl who falls for his online identity: Cameron Cates. Much to Gate's surprise Jordin has been hired as a new assistant for the band as they record for their new album. He thn finds himself in a continuous web of lies while trying to make Jordin fall in love with him instead of Cameron, leaving the reader questioning to what is described in the summary: “Caught up in the madness, will Brian ever be able to confess to his lies and get the girl he loves?“

heyjude;;;'s portrayal of Mr Synyster Gates is original and incredibly endearing compared to the portrayals I have come across many times in fan-fiction he is described as being a “womaniser” and a “lady's man”, never committing to one woman. However, in Catfish we are introduced to a more fragile and more vulnerable Synyster Gates making the reader feeling sympathetic to his situation, having been subject to many fake relationships and women only interested in his wealth.

Catfish provokes the feelings of the reader throughout with the author's ability to manipulate the readers from feeling sympathetic to frustration to delighted to angry from one minute to the next is amazing. As a fan of the band myself it is always interesting to see how another writer interprets a celebrity's personality and heyjude;;;'s take on the Avenged boys is very much authentic and comfortable, especially guitarist Zachary Baker. Not your typical “Boy meets girl” romance or plot and will have you pleading that the two protagonists will have a happy ending and sail into the distance together hand in hand. Fans of the band will highly enjoy this fan-fiction and it is a favourite of mine and unforgettable.

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