MM Reviews: Galaxies

Title: Galaxies
Author: EdWiN.isamonster | Katie Mosing | Maddi; | little sparrow.
Type: Fan Fiction
Rating: R
Genre: Romance | Sci-fi

“I go by the name of Harry. Is there something that I can call you?”

Shaking her head, Josie let out a small laugh. “Oh right, I’m sorry. It’s Josie.”

“Josie.” The word fell from his lips, not as if it were a response, but almost as if he said it as a reminder to himself.

In a galaxy far, far away, there lies a race who is slowly dying. The leader, an elder with five sons, will do anything to stop this from happening. In a last ditch effort to save his race, he sends his five sons to Earth, giving them orders to find mates and bring them back to their home planet. The boys will do anything for their father, so they agree with very little reluctance, but Earth proves to be much more daunting than any of them imagined.

Using their device, the five boys send themselves to different parts of the world, following their father's instructions to bring back mates of all kinds. The task is not an easy one to begin with, but when they encounter a problem with their device that prevents them from using it to go home, the boys must fix it from their opposite sides of the planet, all while trying to find women to mate with them. But, they soon learn that the complicated machine they're dealing with is much less complicated than the women they encounter.

Galaxies is an amazing alternate universe fan fiction for the boy band, One Direction. This incredible story is fiction at its best, with a unique plot the entire story centers around and beautiful romances that are sprinkled in. Galaxies is both original and captivating, which makes it a joy to read. Every chapter, I find myself dying to know what is in store next for the lovely boys, and I am eagerly awaiting the story's end.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who is a fan of One Direction, alternate universes, and really good story telling!

Thank you to aubs and Answering.Alexandra. for editing!

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