Title: Blood
Author: XXXataktoulaXXX
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Tragedy | Drabble
Rating: R

Some topics are classed as taboo because most people generally don't like to talk about the matter at hand even though it happens within life. Even when someone close to them is affected by the taboo, they would prefer to brush it under the rug rather than sit and talk about it to try and understand just why it happened. Coming across stories that handle a taboo can sometimes be more harmful to the cause because of the way that the author has portrayed it. But not all stories containing taboo topics are terrible because like everything written about, there are those authors who can write about certain ideas brilliantly.

So what about Blood? It starts with the opening paragraph comparing pooling blood to a red polka dot and then branches out to reveal that there's a person lying within the blood and two more characters are standing around the body. That's when you realise that the oneshot is focused around suicide, one of the main taboos within society and one of the most written about taboo topics. Some people romanticise suicide while others make it so that everyone and their dog commits suicide - these are the stories that can help keep the idea as taboo if they're written in a bad way.

XXXataktoulaXXX has completely skipped that way and has written something which opens almost poetically and ends hauntingly. She has a way of grabbing the reader's attention and engaging it until the end of the entry - and with Blood, that's just over five hundred words. But although it might not be a huge reader, it's impacting because of the way she deals with the topic at hand.

Blood is something which only those who are up to reading about taboo situation are encouraged to check out. Even if you don't normally read about those themes but are open to reading about something that is both tragic and beautifully written, then this is right up your street, too.

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