Coffee Republic

Author: paracosm.
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Action | Crime
Rating: PG-13

Avery snapped out of her daze, fumbling in her black purse until she found her wallet. Her mind was elsewhere at that point, so rather than finding the appropriate change she just handed her five dollars and muttered; "Keep the change."

Meet Avery, a young woman who thrives on habit. Whether it’s the coffee shop that she frequents or the order that always remains the same, her life is built upon routine. But when a familiar colour draws her attention away from her routine at the celebrations for Harvey Dent day, any semblance of routine in her life is shattered. In one simple day, Avery’s life is turned upside down by none other than the Joker himself.

In Coffee Republic, Avery comes face to face with everyone’s favourite Batman villain, face-paint and violent violet flashes aplenty. With no previous history with anyone even vaguely related to crime, Avery has been thrown in as deep as she can get and as this story progresses, she only seems to fall further in, completely abandoning the habit that defines her as a person and throwing herself headfirst into danger unlike any she has ever experienced before.

With stunning language and a beautiful grasp on characterisation, paracosm. has created a fanfiction that will not only enthral Batman and Joker fans, but avid readers of stories with strong plots as well. If you’re looking for a story that will keep you hooked and waiting eagerly on each chapter, then look no further than Coffee Republic!

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