Pieces of a Life

Title: Pieces of a Life
Author: electric.
Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: R

Sometimes, you just have to make sacrifices. You have to do what you think is right rather than what you think is easy. You have to give up what you had. And sometimes, you're completely wrong. You make the wrong decisions.

Sometimes, you lose yourself.

Leila Willows is barely a full person, inside Leila is so broken she is barely able to breathe. Leila is a beautiful ballet dancer and lives a life of routine and scheduling. Alex Gaskarth, lead singer of All Time Low, is the total opposite of Leila. He doesn't mind being wild and letting himself be free, he is her perfect opposite. And sometimes opposites attract.

electric.'s Pieces of a Life is a heartfelt journey into the life of two people who couldn't be more different. Written with humour and pain - and a lot of love, Pieces of a Life is a harrowing journey into losing yourself. Protagonist Leila gets more than she expected when a trip back to her home town turns into a reunion of everything she thought she had outgrown. Between laughs and tears this story shows that scheduling your whole life can be a waste, that life like people can be completely uncontrollable.

Pieces of a Life is a fan fiction that reaches broader audiences than just All Time Low fans, Pieces of a life is a far reaching tale of over coming even the greatest of set backs and learning to start again.

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