You're All That I'd Hoped I'd Find

Title: You're All That I'd Hoped I'd Find
Author: memphisveil
Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13

In a rudimentary and often fruitless search for mpreg, I stumbled across a story that hit every emotional point I always wanted: You're All That I'd Hoped I'd Find. A Fuenciado (Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado) romance named for my favorite Mayday Parade song, this work-in-progress tells the lovely story of two teenage boys who find themselves falling for one another even as obstacles, such as Jaime's four-month-old daughter, Zoe, are thrown at them. Not only that, but the two are backed up by their loving friends and supportive family.

The story opens with Jaime moving to a new school after being degraded and insulted at his former school before becoming pregnant at a party and not knowing who the father was. Despite his best efforts to be a good father to his daughter, Zoe, Jaime was ridiculed and, in the end, his family chose to move. At his new school, he meets Vic, who is instantly drawn to him even as the two seem to find something familiar about one another. Their courtship is slow yet absolutely sweet and adorable, and Vic's reaction to meeting Zoe for the first time will warm the hearts of readers everywhere. But when their finally hit the largest stumbling block in their relationship, it threatens to destroy everything the two of them have created even as Jaime finally gets the information he has always wanted: the father of his daughter.

Not only does the writer, the lovely memphisveil, do a wonderful job at building up their romance, but she also gives life to supporting characters such as Cassadee Pope and Derek Sanders. She knows how to capture the emotion between the two of them and she doesn't overly feminize the two men in this story who have been/are currently pregnant; you can actually believably see them as men. Though the story is already at a whopping twenty chapters in length, I suggest anyone looking for a sweet and touching Fuenciado romance to jump headfirst into this masterpiece.

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