MM Reviews: The Transition

Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Horror | Tragedy | Teen
Rating: PG-13

The unknown can make even the bravest of people quiver in their boots, unable to move because the fear is too great. Prodding can prove to be futile for some, but that doesn't seem the case with Charlie. There's a mark in the middle of the room that she finds herself trapped in. She doesn't know how she got in that room or why she's there. What she does know is that she does not want to step onto that mark, even if she's not sure why. However, the vulture that is perched on her shoulder seems adamant that she does.

The Transition is a lengthy one-shot that focuses on Charlie's hesitation and her subsequent decision about approaching the mark. From the moment she makes her choice, the reader is taken on a journey that delves into her memories, even the ones she may not want to remember. The way beautiful monotony is able to pull the reader into the story, allowing them to experience it along with Charlie, is commendable, illuminating just how great her writing is. By bringing such strong emotion to the forefront of this story, readers can't help but sympathise with the protagonist, especially as Charlie's journey reaches its peak.

Sitting at around five thousand, five hundred words, The Transition is a one-shot that might take a short while to read but it is definitely worth the time. You will not regret it.

Special thanks to silent hearts. and Audrey T for editing.

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