Together Let's

Author: JamieAllOver
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Comedy
Rating: R

“It wasn't really a picture, per se,” he explained, tilting his head to the side, “but it was a list called 'Together Let's...' and it just had a bunch of cute little couple things to do. Like, cute things together, y'know? And, I don't know, maybe it sounds stupid, but I'd really like to make one and do all the things on it with you."

When Alex finds a bucket list filled with things that every couple should do together, his thoughts immediately go to Jack and how much fun they could have completing the list. He knows that it could bring them closer together and possibly add a new spark to their relationship, not to mention the fact that it would just be plain, old fun.

He is, at first, nervous to ask Jack to complete the list with him, but when he does and Jack says yes, Alex knows he made the right choice. He just can't wait to get started marking boxes off of the list.

Doing everything from kissing in the rain to going to the aquarium to learning to play piano and everything in between, Alex and Jack complete the list one-by-one, bringing the two closer together as they do.

Together Let's... is a wonderfully cutesy story about love, happiness and what it takes to bring a relationship back to life. This fun and romantic story is perfect for anyone who is looking for a good story to cuddle up with and get lost in.

If you're a fan of Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat of All Time Low, you have to check out this story.

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