He's My Best Friend's Brother

Title: He’s My Best Friend’s Brother
Author: pocahontas.
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG

"Look, Ronald, I just can't do this any longer!"

To say that things between Ron and Hermione have been tense since he ran off and left her and Harry to fend for themselves would be an understatement. Most of their time is spent arguing and Hermione just can’t take it anymore, so she decides to move from The Burrow to the top of Fred and George’s shop to put some distance between the herself and Ron. Running off with his brother is not something Ron is impressed with, but Hermione doesn’t care. Plus, she’s just moving in with the twins to help them with their shop. Right?

Originally written for a contest, pocahontas. has taken the classic cliché of the main character falling in love with their best friend’s brother and applied it to characters that most people have already grown to know and love. Even if readers aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter universe, the main focus – the cliché within the story – still shines through. pocahontas. does a wonderful job of staying true to the original characters while adding her own spin on the relationships within the HP universe.

Though there are only three chapters currently posted, He’s My Best Friend’s Brother captures the attention of the readers from the beginning and will leave them wanting more. If you’re looking for a story to remind you of the Quizilla days, this one will not disappoint.

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