MM Reviews: Want You Bad

Title: Want You Bad
Author: jaqen h'ghar
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Drama | Tragedy
Rating: R

A biker girl and a YouTuber are not the typical couple you would see walking down the street. In Want You Bad the author, jagen h'ghar, does this exact thing and puts the two together.

In this story we find Markiplier, a famous YouTuber, falling in love with the purple haired biker girl. Little does he know that she knows exactly who he is. In the beginning of the story it starts off with Markiplier in the salon getting his famous pink hair touched up, when he finds himself helping the biker girl he has seen around town. In the second chapter, you find out that the biker girl's name is Jaime, though people call her Quinn, who is property of a guy named Joker.

There may be some Batman inspiration in the air.

Though there are only two chapters so far, you find out a lot about Jaime in those first two chapters, enough to pull you in and make you want to keep reading.

If you’re not really into sappy love stories this one may turn you off at first, but I recommend giving it a read anyway. You might just find yourself falling in love with it!

Special thanks to losing control. and lilly hughes. for editing!

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