MM Reviews: Take One for the Road

Author: Shayney92
Rating: G
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance | Drabble

Motivation can be something people can't find enough of, well in Take One for the Road, Shayney92 does just that. He gives us some motivation, along with some inspiration to help us get going.

This story is not completed and is currently sitting at four chapters. However, each chapter is short and very well written. Each chapter’s content ranges from something happy, to something sad; going along with some of our favorite times, and some of our least favorite times as a human being. So you can find this story very relatable in some ways.

The first chapter, not only has my favorite quote in there, but it is my personal favorite. It talks about someone getting hurt and coming back stronger, which goes hand in hand with the quote “Only those that get burnt grow back greener and healthier than before”. This I feel, a lot of people are able to relate to because we have all gotten hurt in some way and have come back stronger from it, whether you realize it or not.

I would recommend that you read this, because it is not only well written, but it is very motivational, inspirational, and relatable. Who knows, it might just give you the shove you need to get going!

Special thanks to losing control. and silent hearts. for editing!

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