MM Reviews: Who Are You?

Title: Who Are You?
Rating: PG
Type: Free-Verse

Have you ever wanted to tell someone they were wrong to make fun of people with depression? Have you ever wanted to speak up to those doing it, but don't have the guts to? One brave Mibbian, Lost In Heaven did this in his poem, Who Are You? However, I am going to put a trigger warning on this because it does mention suicide, and some of the emotions affiliated with it.

This poem is very well written, for only being written in a class period, as the author mentions in the author's note. Though it does have a few typos, they are easy to look over when reading.

The poem does not have a custom layout, but don't let that shy you away from its inner beauty. The first time reading through gave powerful emotions, so be warned, and maybe have a tissue ready.

Despite this poem being 2 years old, this could stand the test of time, as a poem standing against bullying. Also, this can be the voice of the many victims of bullying.

Though the author's intention of the poem isn't known, some people might suspect it as a personal experience. If that is the case, it may hold more emotion than we see.

Special thanks to losing control. and cleopatra. for editing!

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