Title: China
Author: cleopatra.
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Action | Thriller
Rating: R

Her posture was beautiful and just what Commander Zheng taught her. He was said to be a ruthless one when training his men, but when it came down to the well-being of his princess, there was no doubting soft words and soft touches that fell upon her like the wind peppering kisses against one's face.

China takes place in 1398 during the Myng Dynasty. This historical fiction follows the story of a young princess, Lian, whose father controls the Myng Dynasty. As a princess, Lian is doted on by many, but none moreso than her father. He takes great care in seeing that his daughter is well taken care of and dutiful in her studies.

Lian grew to be a beautiful young girl who would be the object of any man's affection. Her social stature, beauty, grace and intelligence would cause many men to seek after her, but unfortunately for Lian, the commander in chief of the Myng Dynasty is not the type to take no for an answer, regardless of what Lian's wishes are.

China is a short story that takes a dark turn from the very beginning*. Not for the light of heart, China is racked with emotion and pain that leaps off of every word. The wonderful writing style of cleopatra. makes this powerful story even more captivating, with its easy to read chapters and strong characters.

With its dark themes and historical references, China is different from many stories out there, making it a unique find on Mibba. If you are looking for a dark story that is packed with emotion, China could be just the piece that you are looking for.

* This story contains themes that could be triggering to those who are triggered by mentions of abuse or dominance.

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