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Going into its twelfth season, Supernatural is a show with an ever-expanding fanbase, including a very active one here on Mibba. There's no doubt that the Winchesters steal a lot of hearts with their well-tested but indestructible brotherly bond. Despite enduring numerous heartbreak which haunts them tirelessly, their humour (including the constant bickering the siblings seemed to have perfected) provides a perfect balance for the darkness that is their constant companion, and brings a smile to the faces of their fans. Snow Joke follows the boys on a new case and Divided is here to tell us a bit about this story!

Give us a brief summary of Snow Joke.

Snow Joke is a unique concoction of what you'd expect from a typical Supernatural episode; it is a blend of humour, suspense, thrill, mystery and action, with particular focus on a case involving a deadly unknown monster in Superior National Forest, Minnesota.

What was the inspiration behind this story?

Despite Supernatural being an obvious inspiration, it was holtzmann's Creepy Cryptids and Legends Contest that really got my brain thinking about all things creepy. Of course, when I thought about all things creepy, Supernatural immediately came to mind and my love for the show was reignited which lead to the creation of Snow Joke.

Do you have a favourite character?

Dean has been a favourite from the start. I think it's his playful, humorous, and brave character that wins me over. His strong determination to protect loved ones is inspiring and often stimulates bromance between Sam and himself. Lest we forget the growing bromance between Cas and Dean! Sam clearly has someone to contend with.

What's your least favourite thing about writing Snow Joke?

Writing Snow Joke has actually been one of the most enjoyable stories to write, because with a fan-fiction it's like having a manual already there for you in terms of characters and previous storyline to draw inspiration from. The blueprints are already there for you, but you have to make it your own and make it work.

However, as is often the case in my writing, I do tend to get carried away with possible directions in which the story could go. The identity of the monster is still not fully revealed, and I did spend a long time weighing up my options between cryptids that the monster could turn out to be. In the end, I chose a familiar monster but with a twist. The twist will not be revealed until towards the end of the story.

So I'd say that's my least favourite thing about writing Snow Joke: the possibilities are endless! As a naturally indecisive person, it can be hard to choose from and finalise thoughts into writing.

Have you experienced any writer's block?

I have. I used to write for hours daily when I was a child, but as adulthood caught up with me the responsibilities grew while opportunities to daydream dwindled (which were often my sources of inspiration). I find it much harder to write creatively these days, but the feeling I receive when I do is one of accomplishment and relief.

How often do you write for this story?

Honestly, the frequency of chapters is not determined due to my circumstances. This is why I feel that the idea of having notifications sent to subscribers when a story updates is brilliantly convenient.

Although I do wish I could offer my subscribers the frequency of chapters that they so deserve, I am somebody who relishes quality over quantity and can only hope that my subscribers feel the same.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope that Snow Joke allows you to gain an interesting read while having key Supernatural characters Sam and Dean by your side along the way, teasing each other and showing mutual concern as they do.

Special thanks to Audrey T and losing control. for editing.

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