Girls Like Boys

Author: PoeticMess.
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance | Comedy | Action
Rating: PG-13

Like many recent high school graduates Cody and Ramsy are dead set on getting out of town and moving away from home. The way they do that is applying and getting into University of Alabama. And what starts with an argument with their father about the decision turns into a road trip that starts the next chapter of their lives.

Move in day sees the girls already making friends and as night comes so does the party to kick everything off. The mysterious boy, Travis, that they had seen the night before makes his introduction, then with a missing purse he swoops back in and saves the night having been keeping an eye out for the girl that is unknowingly stealing his heart.

And soon enough classes start and relationships develop. There's Jack, a cute boy who sits next to Cody and Luke who befriends Ramsy. But like a shadow over them all is Travis. He has a nice car and a mysterious background and Cody can't seem to shake him off.

What starts off as a nuisance turns into a real friendship and instead of the two girls being attached at the hip it's Travis and Cody. This is not without its kinks as you come to expect with having Travis in your life and Cody soon has to decide just how willing she is to have him there.

Girls Like Boys is not just a story of two teenagers finding their way in the world, but a story of questionable decisions and relationships, with a little bit of illegal street racing thrown in for good measure. PoeticMess. has done a wonderful job of giving readers just enough to keep them on the edge of their seats while eagerly awaiting the next chapter. You'll have enough to dive into too as the story already has a lengthy nineteen chapters to keep you invested.

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