MM Reviews: The Dust of Antlers; The Fodder for Pigs

Title: The Dust of Antlers; The Fodder for Pigs
Author: The God of Thunder.
Type: Fanfiction
Genre: Drama | War | Crime
Rating: R

Meandering, Eddie looks around him, the close-shaven head of the veteran framed by products of his own making. There are pieces of furniture; logs tethered by hair-like strands of twine and covered in slabs of skinned animal flesh.

Life after war can be difficult. At one point, you’re fighting for your life in a combat zone and the next you’re stuck in the middle of a sleepy town with nothing to keep you occupied other than hunting and gathering relics. Adjusting to life without the constant terror and perpetual feeling of having to look over your shoulder can be almost impossible, and this is something that is evident when Eddie Gluskin steps into Chris Walker’s shop with a complexion like a ghost.

Coincidence is not what brings Eddie and Chris back together. The skills that they learned in Afghanistan have long faded from Eddie’s memory, but the adjustment period has not weakened Chris’ senses. For this reason, Eddie comes with an assignment for Chris to undertake — an assignment that is more than just a simple task. No, this task is overwhelmingly personal to Eddie, and this is what causes Chris to choose to accept his request.

Although The Dust of Antlers; The Fodder for Pigs is an Outlast fanfiction, it can also be read by those unfamiliar with the fandom. The God of Thunder.’s writing contains tidbit upon tidbit of information that makes this piece easy to latch onto without any previous knowledge. Beautiful description and a unique storyline take you through the tale of these two veterans, offering a glimpse into their life after coming home from war.

Standing at a little over 4,000 words, The Dust of Antlers; The Fodder for Pigs is a one-shot that you can really sink your teeth into. Whether you’re an Outlast fan or not, this story should be added to your to-read list!

Special thanks to isak valtersen and losing control. for editing!

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