Writing With: Corvus.

Corvus. (also known as Ren) is a long time Mibbian with a wide range of original fiction currently posted, mainly focused in the mystery and thriller genres. She’s here to tell us about two of her stories: The Memory Thief and The Fisher Killer.

The Memory Thief

The Memory Thief centers around a girl who made a bad decision and a boy who offers her the something anyone with regrets would want: a chance to forget it ever happened. But sometimes things that sound too good to be true, are just that. When asked about her inspiration behind the intriguing plot Ren says, “I was always curious about bad memories and if we could ever get rid of them. Because I know most people would want to do that. I used that, and added a twist to it.”

“My favorite character in The Memory Thief is probably West,” Ren says, sharing with her readers who she favors. “He's one of the two main characters, aside from Leah. Not too much is known about him, until some time into the story.”

Although The Memory Thief is a story with many different elements, the author’s favorite part is the depth she's created with the plot and characters. “My favorite thing about writing The Memory Thief is how complex it is, and how I'm able to keep with it without an outline. It's still a work in progress, though, and I'm not really sure when it's going to end. But I've enjoyed working on it.”

She says that as long as there’s still interest in The Memory Thief, she’ll continue to write it, stating, “I appreciate all the feedback I get from this. I love that people are so interested in it.”

The Fisher Killer

“I've seen so much bad stuff on the news about death and murder. I used that, among disappearances of people, to create this piece,” Ren says, talking about what sparked the idea for such a dark story The Fisher Killer revolves around just that: death and murder. However, it brings the added suspense of the main character, Audrey, being a psychic and seeing the face of the man who is responsible for the killings.

When asked about her favourite character, Ren says, “My favorite character in The Fisher Killer is Sasha. She's step sister to one of the other characters, and is basically the one who talks sense into everyone else.”

In a stark contrast to The Memory Thief, Ren says that the simplicity of this story is what she enjoyed the most about it. “It's fairly simple, as long as all the loose ends are tied up (I have a habit of not doing that).”

As for future plans, The Fisher Killer is a completed story. While the amount of chapters can look overwhelming to a new reader, the author says, “[The chapters are] pretty short so it's generally a quick read. Some of my readers are reading it over because they loved it so much.”

As for the author herself, Ren is a long time Mibbian with 7 years under her belt. She describes herself as more of a helpful Mibbian, especially if she sees someone who is in need of some assistance. And although it might seem otherwise, what with her knack for completing her stories over the years—something that some Mibbians tend to struggle with—Ren says she doesn’t always have a set plan. “Sometimes I outline, but more often than not, I simply wing it.”

If you have a love for all things mysterious and thrilling, or you’re just looking for some new stories to dig your teeth into, Corvus’ profile might be a good place to start!

Special thanks to isak valtersen and Audrey T for editing!

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