Mibba Magazine's "Spring Awakenings" Contest Winners!

For the northern half of the globe, spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner. So, what better way to mark the changing seasons than a contest centred around change! April’s Magazine contest, Spring Awakenings, was all about getting people to write about change in a unique, exciting way. Whether through something as inconsequential as spring cleaning or as massive as a move away, entrants were asked to show how change can be both good and bad and as always, Mibbians stepped up to the task to provide wonderful entries!

This month’s story winner is Belong by Kim Taehyung. Set in April, this story revolves around a relationship that seems perfect in the soft spring haze, but a twist at the end will leave readers absolutely speechless.

Our poetry winner this month is Lady.V. with her entry, Without Wings. This poem cycles around the seasons whilst describing the changes in a relationship from loving to destructive. However, by the time spring has rolled around the narrator has decided to make a change.

Change can manifest itself in many different ways, and those aren’t always ways in which the reader expects — the pieces above, and the pieces entered into the contest certainly reflect that. They show us that even in the darkest of times, change can appear and make things either worse or better, depending on the mindset of the person involved.

If you’d like to read all of the entries, visit the Mibba Magazine’s “Spring Awakenings” contest thread. Be sure to let us know what entries you particularly enjoyed!

Special thanks to isak valtersen and losing control. for editing!

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