Fast Fiction: May Edition

If you’re finding yourself searching for a quick read to satisfy your craving for some good fiction, look no further! These bite sized stories are the perfect way to consume some wonderful reading material in a short and sweet way. Take a look below for this week’s Fast Fiction recommendations!

Home Library is a original fiction that conveys subjects that many of us struggle with – self-image and self-esteem. Although this short story is written in third person, it focuses on the male main character who is desperately trying to get the love of his life to see herself the way he sees her. CrumblyKitty uses lovely descriptions and various settings to illustrate the characters and their many emotions throughout this piece.

The Age of Blossoms is a original fiction that personifies the seasons into people that one man has the privilege to love. Between the explosion of Summer, the quietness of Autumn, and the beauty of Winter, Hoseok has his hands full. However the softness of Spring is his favourite and he always longs for her to return.

Let’s Dance is a fanfiction set in the Final Fantasy universe. Gladiolus finds himself in a room with Avery, watching her dance. Their conversation turns into fighting practice, which leads to confessions of feelings. vivalamaryyy introduces the characters and setting in a way that is appealing to everyone, even those of us who aren’t familiar with the Final Fantasy universe.

Target Practice is a Glee fan fiction with a unique twist – it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This short story follows Kurt, Adam, Sebastian and Elliot as they get themselves familiar with their weapons to use for the inevitable zombie attacks. Though the story is a sequel to stories previously written by this author, the simplicity of the subject matter makes it a great stand-alone story as well.

Special thanks to isak valtersen and Audrey T for editing!

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