MM Reviews: Altruistic

Title: Altruistic
Author: kunikida.
Type: Fan Fiction
Genre: Romance | Drama
Rating: PG-13

“Wait!” Sean exclaimed when Mark decided he couldn’t stay. He grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled him away from the corner he had secluded himself in. Swiftly, Sean clasped a chain around the other boy’s neck, one that sat just a tad bit low courtesy of the ring that hung from it. “You have to keep this, okay? I have one, too, see!” Sure enough, an identical ring sat around Sean’s neck, gleaming dimly in the sunlight.

“It looks like we’re married,” Mark said, inspecting the new piece of jewelry. At least he didn’t look so frantic. “Are we married?”

Mark has the ability to just suddenly appear from his home in Ohio to Sean’s bedroom in Ireland, something that surprises and scares both boys the first time it happens. However, Mark ends up finding safety and comfort in Sean and his bedroom when he needs it the most. So, although it starts out as an accident, these encounters start to evolve into a friendship. Once, twice, three times, Mark just keeps coming back until Sean makes him promise to continue.

Seemingly intertwined by fate, Mark and Sean gravitate towards each other without meaning to as time goes on. Sean even shows the readers the meaning of ‘altruistic’ by presenting a selfless concern about Mark’s well-being, despite being a complete stranger in his room, warming his way into the reader’s heart and pulling them in effortlessly. With likable characters and qualities that appeal to the readers in a heartbeat, Altruistic flourishes with childlike curiosity and a promise to develop into something more as the boys grow older.

Delivered with thoughtful prose and realistic dialogue, kunikida. portrays a beautiful and seamless relationship between two well-rounded characters as she focuses on the pure softness that comes with children. From beginning to end, you’ll find yourself smiling affectionately as the boys bond over Mario Kart and pinwheels.

Even though the story only has a little bit over 2,000 words of content in chapter one, you can easily enjoy the beginnings of Mark and Sean’s bond if you’re looking for something new and cute to pass some time – even if you’re not familiar with the fandom!

Special thanks to losing control. and Audrey T for editing!

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