Title: Anonymous
Author: MousyCh
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Drama | Action | Thriller
Rating: R

Terror attacks are not a foreign concept anywhere in the world. They are carried out for various reasons – commonly for reasons involving religious beliefs or practices. Though to most people these acts are unthinkable and confusing, to the groups that carry them out, they are seen as necessary or a way to gain attention for their cause.

The group in Anonymous is a mysterious one. They use bible verses and English Literature quotes before and after their attacks, and seem to be attacking areas for cultural significance leaving the least amount of causalities possible. A specialized team has been put together to try and determine their next move while analyzing what they’ve already done – including psychologist Ava Atkins and Detective Martin Lanchester. But the question remains, will they be able to get ahead of Anonymous before it’s too late, or will they continue to be one step behind?

Packed with interesting characters with intricate back stories and an thoroughly developed plot, this story will leave you wanting more with each chapter. MousyCh has created a mysterious story that is relatable to the current state of the world while allowing the readers to become immersed without being overwhelmed. With 15 chapters and counting, this story is definitely one to add to your “must read” list if you’re looking for something to immerse yourself into!

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