MM Reviews: Pink Skies

Title: Pink Skies
Author: San Junipero
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance | Drabble
Rating: PG

“She is alive and whole and glowing. Pink skies hover around her, clouds looking as if they were painted on with a delicate touch. She bathes in the sun’s warmth, she is loved.”

The sun and the moon seem like an unlikely affair; however, the idea of a love between the two has inspired poetry and many stories for decades. There’s something dreamy about the concept of the moon and the sun, polar opposites, being deeply in love—with clouds to stars, summer azures to midnight blues, it’s one of the most romanticized relationships to date. It seems, in a strange way, that they go hand in hand.

In Pink Skies, Luna and Soleil are the embodiment of the age-old love and starting at dusk on the summer solstice, they embark on a night out together full of fun and pure romance. From dancing and laughing at a night club to a quiet breakfast afterwards, the sun and the moon show each other the depths of their love in the short time that they have to be together.

Personifying two thriving entities and leaving readers with a tender feeling of affection in their hearts, San Junipero writes about the vibrancy and warmth of a love between two girls. With delicate prose and a beautiful vibe, this one-shot is filled with butterflies and smiles. Though it’s finished with a little over 1,400 words, readers will get a good grasp on who Luna and Soleil are, and will fall in love with their dynamic in a heartbeat.

If you’re looking for something lighthearted, cute and sweet as sugar, you should definitely give this a read!

Special thanks to losing control. and Audrey T for editing!

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