Blood Spells

Title: Blood Spells
Authors: Lady.V. and VeiledPrincess
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance | Fantasy
Rating: R

High school is often a time of self-discovery for many teenagers – these years are part of one of the biggest transition periods that a person goes through. But what happens when a magic-filled wrench is thrown into the lives of two teenage twins just trying to get by?

Naomi and Innocentia Stonewell are thrown into a world of wizards, witches and elemental magic suddenly after the appearance of some strange powers and an encounter with dark magic. After what seemed like a regular day at school, save for some mind-reading and odd encounters with classmates, the twins are thrown into an unknown family business after Innocentia’s encounter with a warlock who had less than ideal plans for her. They are immediately thrust into a world that they had no idea existed and are forced to navigate through it with the help of their parents.

Though Blood Spells already has 13 chapters, coming in at almost 13,000 words, the story is just getting started. Having two authors involved in the story, one writing for each twin, creates an extremely interesting dynamic which allows for continuous character growth and the ability for the unique personalities to shine. The intricate plot line is only going to get more interesting as the story goes on, entrancing readers with the history of the magic and the adventures of the characters.

If you’re looking for a new fantasy story to sink your teeth into, Blood Spells might be just what you’re looking for!

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