Nate and Jules

Title: Nate and Jules
Author: tracer
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance | Teen
Rating: PG-13

“Dear Nate, someone once said ‘cute people gravitate towards each other’. Well, I said that. Right now.”

Nate and Jules is the whimsical story of a young gay couple as they traverse their everyday life as modern youths.

What makes tracer’s story so beautiful and gives it the intense capacity to pull you in is the strong realism of her writing. She has created two unique, fully modern, relatable characters, with flaws and characterisations that bring them to life. She does not rush towards dramatic happenings or create unrealistic circumstances, much as life does not rush towards they key moments of your life. You experience every waking minute whether they be dull or not, and in Nate and Jules tracer shows you those everyday moments, but shows you that the boring need not be, and you can make it feel incredible.

Nate and Jules is a slow-paced love letter to the genre of fluff, showing you the true structure of a romantic relationship. It’s a tale that shows you the interaction of two humans in love with no bells or whistles attached. It’s natural, loving, and profound in its simplistic brilliance.

tracer’s story is soppy, adorable, and beautiful with a plot that’s cotton candy sweet in the best possible way. Nate and Jules is an incredible Mibba tale that both fluff and romance lovers will enjoy.

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