I Could Use a Love Song

Title: I Could Use a Love Song
Author: Brittt
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG – 13

"You act like you’re better than everyone else when in reality, you’re just like us."

Breakups are always messy, especially when it involves a woman with a massive ego and a sensitive musician. And with one scathing text message from him, calling her out on her snotty ways, it’s all over and her life changes before her eyes forever - how could Harry take the high ground when they had both cheated?

With her best friend Lindsie cheering her corner and helping her become a new, more grounded person, the story takes place a year Harry’s fame and has moved on with a new love. Although she follows him on Twitter and Instagram still, she's never approached him and questioned all that was said in the text message - will there ever be a right time or a chance to do so?

Little does she know how dramatically her life will change when by chance, he happens to stroll into the Starbucks she works in. Thanks to Harry, Hailey's life is never going to be the same again.

It may only be a couple of chapters in but I Could Use a Love Story is going to be a story that has hundreds of recommendations, comments, and subscribers. If you have a spare ten minutes, give this story a read. I promise you’ll be hooked.

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