All Was Violent

Author: padme;
Type: Original Fiction
Genre: Drabble | War
Rating: PG-13

“All was violent. All was bright. The sun shined down on the massacre, as if it was proud of the scene below.”

All Was Violent is a drabble that highlights the realities of war.

The purpose of a drabble is to capture emotions and meaningful ideas in a limited amount of words. The author does exactly that, capturing the raw intensity and truths of war. Her use of imagery is powerful, painting the woes of death that occur on the battlefield. It’s enough to make your toes curl up, as her words illustrate what is considered to be the calamities of death. Credit must be given to padme; for conveying death as a liberating end for the soldiers.

You don’t know who to “root” for. You don’t know the characters or what they are fighting, nor does that matter. In the end, they are met with carnage and death. If you thought death could not be written sublimely, then you must give this drabble a read. The last paragraph ends perfectly, just like the way it all started.

All Was Violent is a drabble that demands to be read. It is a drabble that is precisely two hundred and twenty-nine words, but the imagery makes it seem like hundreds. It is a drabble that transports you into the battlefield for a moment.

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