Weekly Featured Contests

This week horror is the main theme in both contests!


TaraJanee is challenging users to write about a scary element within their story in her Horror! Contest. While there has to be an element of horror in each of the entries she receives, other genres are accepted as well, such a romance or action. She's not limiting the creativity of the participants as she accepts pretty much anything that features a scary element, no matter whether it's paranormal or not, fanfiction or original!

To enter, just check out the thread and make sure to read the first post in its entirety before posting!

Rating: any
Word Limit: more than 300 words, no maximum
Prewrites: not allowed
Exemptions: no pregnancies, no rape, no mpreg, no incest, no aliens, nothing to do with The Ring
To enter: none
For entries: 30th May

Horror Band Story Contest

What Vixyn Of Shadows is wanting users to do in her first ever contest is write about any horror topic that she's listed in the thread along with the band or bands that are listed beneath the topic list. But that's not it, though! She sends participants a picture that the entry must be based upon using any horror topic of their choice along with the band. The Horror Band Story Contest thread also says "scarier the better" so take that into consideration!

To enter, just pop to the thread and see which bands are on offer to use before selecting the topic of their choice and letting the host know in a comment so that a picture can be sent that's suitable!

Rating: any
Word Limit: not specified
Prewrites: not allowe
Exemptions: no slash, no incest, no mpreg
To enter: May 25th
For entries: June 15th

Feel free to PM me any recommendations for June's set of featured contests!

Special thanks to aubs and Airi. for editing.

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