Featured Poem: Withered Wings

Withered Wings is a wonderful poem written by Limitless;;. In this edition of Featured Poem, we take a closer look at this amazing piece.

How would you summarize Withered Wings?

I think I'd summarize it as a poem about growing up - noticing that you won't be a child forever and that at times, it can be a bit of a shock and bring with it a lot of sadness.

How did you choose the title for it?

Honestly, it took me a long time and I went through about four or five different titles before I ended up showing it to my sister who helped me pick out the perfect title.

What inspired you to write this poem?

I wrote this poem right around the time I turned eighteen. I was just coming to terms with the fact that I was never gonna be treated like a kid again and that, to me, that part of my life was over. It seems like a silly concept to me now that I've gotten a little bit older and realize you're only as old as you make yourself. At the time though, it didn't seem that way at all.

What was your favorite thing about writing Withered Wings?

I think my favorite thing about it was being able to get into words what I was feeling. I try to do that with every poem I write, but this one just had a certain feel to it that conveyed all of my emotions.

When writing, do you have any rituals you follow?

Oh yeah. I'm a big fan of music when I write, and I have like, eight thousand notebooks, and certain ones are for when I'm writing different things and I even have ones for when I'm in a specific mood that I alternate between. I also like to have as many people as I can read it before I finish it and upload it here so that I get feedback from a variety of different people. I have a lot more, but I would be here all night if I listed them all, haha!

Is there anything you would like to say to anyone who reads your poem?

Yeah, and it's kind of cheesy so don't think I'm a dork but, nothing is permanent. Growing older is something that happens and, you've gotta embrace it. I know that it sucks and that we all wish things were still as simple as they were when we were kids, but it's okay. It's okay to be sad and afraid of taking it on. You've got loads of people there for you when you crash and burn. Never forget that.

Do you have any other poems you think people would enjoy?

I do, some that are on here and some that aren't. I've always been a huge Edgar Allen Poe fan, so anything by him is like gold to me. Robert Frost is also someone I enjoy. On here, there's a poem called He and His by the author B i l l y In 4 c and a ton of others that I can't remember off the top of my head!

Special thanks to Goddess_Of_Muse and silent hearts. for editing!

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