Original Fiction of the Week: Emma

Emma is a wonderful original fiction written by shipslikesecrets. In this edition of Original Fiction of the Week, we take a closer look at this amazing story.

Give us a brief summary of Emma.

Emma is about a girl who was in and out of foster homes. She has these friends/enemies called The Voices whom influence her to do things, such as committing murder. She was sentenced to live in a mental institution where she continues to commit murder until she has gotten her vengeance.

What inspired you to write Emma?

When I started writing Emma, I was watching Jennifer's Body. I loved the essence of this girl murdering to feel alive, so I kind of based Emma off of the film, but then the more I wrote the more I made it more of Emma's story, and not a twist of Jennifer's Body.

How long have you been working on this story?

Two years, three months. I started writing Summer 2013, and I did not release Emma until August 2014.

What is your favorite thing about writing Emma?

Wow, it's so hard to choose. I would have to say, Emma, the character. She's her own person, sarcastic, and a little seductive. She reminds me of my alter ego, minus the murderous part haha

What is the most challenging thing about writing it?

The most challenging thing about writing Emma is getting into character. When I write, I write from the main character, so I have to completely turn into Emma to write the story. Emma and I are complete opposites, but it's a challenge I enjoy.

Have you ever experienced writer's block with this story? If so, how did you overcome it?

Um, I did once, but it was because I started college and I wasn't confident in the story. Then, one day I started reading what was already written, and I told myself to go ahead and release Emma, and that ideas would come, and sure enough they did.

Do you write with an outline, or just wing it?

Honestly, I never write outlines because winging it is how I get my best ideas and creativity. If I write an outline, I feel like I'm locked to the outline, so I just wing it.

Do you have any pre/post writing rituals?

I have to drink a cup of coffee before writing to get my juices flowing and my ideas racing. Then I sit down with some dubstep, and I start writing.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Thank you for reading my story. I really am pleased with this story, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

Special thanks to elixir and Goddess_Of_Muse for editing!

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