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dawn of light is a wonderful writer who has written a myriad of different stories ranging from sci-fi to romance, yet she is mostly known for being a part-time layout maker and a full-time explorer. The latter can be seen through two of Sam’s stories: The Case of T.P. Wallace and Mitchum and Me.

The Case of T.P. Wallace

“The plot was influenced by Phineas Gage and his split brain persona in the 1800s. I remember learning about his case in my high school Psychology class so since then I've been intrigued. I also wrote this for Raveena's sci-fi contest. I grew so interested in this genre because of this small piece! If you know anything about me, you would know that I would incorporate anything romantic in my stories. So, that aspect of the story was influenced by my love for romantic-comedy TV shows.”

This science fiction story tells the tale of Thad-Palmer Wallace, a man from another planet with a deep fascination with planet Earth, whose brain is severely separated.

“My favorite character is our main protagonist, Nia Desai. She works at the hospital where T.P. Wallace goes to for help, and further helps T.P. with his spilt brain condition. I connect with her mainly through her constant need to help people. It could be just me, but I like seeing people happy.

“My favorite thing about writing this story would be getting out of my comfort zone. I never thought about writing a perspective through a doctor's point of view. There's one more chapter left before the journey ends. I actually finished writing it back in November. After that, I do plan on ending it there.”

Mitchum and Me

Mitchum and Me is a reborn. The original title was Salt Water Pool. The main idea from SWP is there, however, just I wanted to give a better/stronger background in Mitchum and Me. I believe I posted the story around Summer 2013. I was actually influenced by homelessness in my hometown, since my state has the largest homeless population in the nation. I was interested in writing about the relationship between siblings because of the TV show Parenthood, so there's where majority of my inspiration came from!”

The plot revolves around two contrasting brothers and their aristocratic life. “My favorite character is Callux Berumen. Majority of the chapters are written in his point of view. He's one of the brothers in the story who tells his view on his family's wealth and his eccentric love story!”

When asked about the story’s future, Sam says, “I just started and my [main] plot hasn't exactly surfaced yet, I do hope to reach/post the climax of my story in mid 2016. I plan to finish this by the end of 2016, updating it as much as possible!”

After being around Mibba for five years, Sam thinks that the best thing about the site is “the persity in different stories and creating layouts.” As a Mibbian, she describes herself as, “Friendly! I try to talk to different users on here. It's fun conversing in the blogs with different people. My confidence also increases! I try to be as supportive to my fellow Mibbians as much as possible!”

From her perse stories and her friendly persona, Sam is definitely somebody to befriend. If you’re in need of a compelling plot filled with unusual settings and perspectives, she is your assigned writer. Her unique writing style will make you feel as though you’ve known the characters your entire life!

Special thanks to losing control. and cleopatra. for editing!

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