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Let's have a look at this week's contests!

Once More With Meaning

Many stories attempt to convey a certain message or moral to the reader but sometimes it just doesn't work too well. Either the message can come across too forcefully and ultimately be ruined, or the writer fails to successfully convey the moral and readers come away with no knowledge of their attempt. On the other hand, when it's done successfully a story can put forward such a powerful moral than it effects the reader drastically.

The Alpha's Angel is hosting a contest designed for users to pick three different prompts and craft a story that contains a message or moral. Her The Once More With Meaning contest has such a simple premise with relatively no limits that anyone can enter if they feel they're able to spin a moral within their story.

If you're interesting, what are you waiting for? Join!

Rating: any
Word Limit: more than 500 words, no more than 2,000 words
Prewrites: not allowed
Exemptions: no incest, no m-preg


For entries: 24 February

Make Me Laugh, Cry, or Sit on the Edge of My Seat

Another revival contest is the Make Me Laugh, Cry, or Sit on the Edge of My Seat contest that nearly witches. has taken control of. The premise is simple: write something that makes her feel something. Love comedy? Perfect! Prefer to tear apart your characters unfairly? Even better! Find it easier to create suspense and dangle it in front of the reader right until the end? That's okay, too!

It doesn't matter what you entry is about - there's free reign on everything - just make the host feel something and you're off to a great start!

Rating: any
Word Limit: more than 500 words, no maximum
Prewrites: allowed
Exemptions: none


For entries: 29 February

Feel free to PM me any recommendations for March's set of featured contests!

Special thanks to losing control. and lily hughes. for editing.

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