Mibba Magazine's "Strong Women" Contest!

Though some people may think of strength as simply physical power, the gladiolus, the official flower of August, shows that it can be much more than that. Strength can come in many forms, like perseverance and even in beauty. So this month, the Mibba Magazine has chosen to pair the strength of the gladiolus with the strength of the women we write about.

Mibba Magazine's "Strong Women" Contest

Breaking away from the typical idea that strong women can only come in the form of female superheroes, the Mibba Magazine's "Strong Women" Contest is aimed at seemingly ordinary women who show remarkable strength. Bypassing just physical strength, participants are asked to bring the women in their stories to life by focusing on the strength they exhibit in their everyday.

Women of all different strengths are wanted for this contest. Women who choose family over their career. Women who choose education or employment over their family. Women who shine brightest when they're alone. Women who are downtrodden or weighed down by the toxic people in their lives. Women who discover their strength when forced to rise above their circumstances. And even women who try but maybe just don't make it. Whoever she is, she won't be turned away!

This contest is open to all genres, rating and types, as well as both prose and poetry. The only thing that is required is that the entry be new. It doesn't matter the length as there is no minimum or maximum word count that has to be adhered to.

And if you're not interested in (or able to) enter a piece, but you'd like to help pick a winner, PM Mr. Darcy for more information, as there's always judge spots open!

Deadline is set for 25 of August, 2016.

Special thanks to losing control. and Audrey T for editing.

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